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What is Career Development?

As adults, our students will need to keep pace with changing technology and industries, be able to seize new employment opportunities or be entrepreneurial in creating new business or self-employment ventures. Our students are unlikely to follow a single career trajectory across their lifetime, but will have multiple job changes and be working in an increasingly casualised and part-time workforce. They will need not only professional or technical skills, but general employability skills and adaptive capacity.

Multiple career changes will mean that students need to be able to manage lifelong learning. Increasingly, the ability to make good study and career choices, navigate career changes, and make the best use of a person’s skills will be essential for both individual prosperity and national productivity.

High quality career development services can prepare students to manage these challenges and navigate the world of work and at Nossal High School, we measure our careers program against the national standards as developed by the Career Industry Council of Australia (CICA). Career development services are provided by both professional and teaching staff in a variety of ways and settings, for example: individual counselling sessions between the career development practitioner and a student; classroom learning that is made relevant to potential careers; experiential learning; careers information days; production of up to date careers information and discussions with industry, educational and employer representatives.


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