The Five Minds for the Future

At Nossal High School every student is encouraged to explore their studies in a new light, with domains taught based on Harvard University psychologist Howard Gardner’s, ‘Five Minds for the Future’ (2008).

The school’s curriculum is built on the philosophy that future leaders need to develop certain cognitive abilities, which Gardner defines as ‘five minds’: the disciplined mind, the synthesising mind, the creative mind, the respectful mind and the ethical mind.
Each domain is explored under this framework, so students gain a high level of analytical thinking in a way that doesn’t limit students learning.

The Disciplined Mind

Individuals will need to be an expert in one area- they will need to develop depth and breadth in specific disciplines.

The Synthesising Mind

Individuals will need to be able to gather together information from disparate sources, find links, transfer and communicate this knowledge.

The Creative Mind

Individuals will be rewarded for being creative, that is the ability to construct a box and think outside of it. Approach problems in unique ways.

The Respectful Mind

The world of today and tomorrow is becoming increasingly diverse. Accordingly we must respect differences and similarities and promote tolerance and understanding. Significance of Physical, Personal and Social learning.

The Ethical Mind

Individuals need to be able to act ethically- that is to think beyond their own self interest and to do what is right under the circumstances.

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