Student Training

Through our student eLeader program, Nossal is fortunate to have a large number of student trainers who take Teams and O365 introductory sessions with all new students as they enter the college.

When student receive their laptop (with stylus) in their first week at the college, they have immediate follow up sessions run by student eLeaders to assist them with understanding the important elements of using Teams and O365. 

Through materials distributed within the Teams/OneNote environment, student eLeaders take all new students through the essential workings, etiquette and functionality of Teams and O365. Some of the material is presented through recorded screen-casting, other materials through the use of various software tools with their fellow students. Our new students provide overwhelmingly positive feedback about being initiated into our system by their fellow students. 

Student Teams Training Materials

The 2020 eLeaders will now take you through how Microsoft Teams works at Nossal High School. This is very important information, so please make sure you pay very close attention 🙂

Microsoft Teams is our most important piece of software for communicating with other members of the school – other students and teachers.

Teams will connect you with your classes,  your year level, the whole school, any clubs and societies you wish to join, your teachers and your friends.

Teams has two main sections for communication – through a “Team” or through “Chat”.

When you go into Teams and you click on the Teams icon, you should see that you are in the Class of 2023, all your relevant 2020 subject areas (they all start with the number 20), the Nossal Staff & Students Team, and your House Area. If any of those are missing, send a chat to Mr Stuart Fankhauser and he will fix things up for you.

The 2020 eLeaders are now going to take you through the following functions of Teams.

  • How to ‘Show/Hide’ a Team
  • Explain what a Channel within a Team is
  • How to turn on Notifications for a Channel
  • Thumbs up on someone’s post means ‘acknowledged’ (not that you ‘like’ something)
  • You need to make sure that all red notifications are check through every day
  • How to send a chat message. *Remember – All chat messages can be audited by the school at any time. Anyone behaving inappropriately (bullying, using bad language, bystander behaviour, etc.) within any chat message stream will face the consequences as outlined in the schools eLearning policy. Parents will also receive copies of inappropriate use any school communication system. 


  • You should change your alert settings so you don’t receive too many alerts all the time. To do this, click on the picture where your icon is (your photo will be here soon). Then click on settings
  • Select “Notifications” and select the options as shown below.




Student OneNote Training Materials


OneNote is the system that your teachers will be using for sending you classroom resources.

Super Simple OneNote Intro  

Your class OneNotes will provide you with three different sections. 

  • In the ‘Collaboration Space’ you, your class members and the teacher all have editing abilities. 
  • In the ‘Content Library’ section, your teacher can share things with you that you can’t edit, but you can see. You can copy and paste these pages though.
  • In the section with your name at the top (I have chosen Alwin’s OneNote as an example), you can take your class notes and no other student can access this section. Your teacher is still able to see this section.

Pages and Sections in OneNote – Video Guide

Printing to OneNote – Video Guide

Using the Collaboration Space – Video Guide

You can Collaborate as a whole class on OneNote by selecting the Collaboration Space.

In here ANYONE can EDIT – that is, add and remove content. You can click on it now and draw some as a class… 

Student O365 Training Materials

Login at 

Use your Student Email and your Nossal Password

You can install the full Microsoft Office (always the latest version!) on 5 different computers

And…. on 5 different iPads/iPhones/Android devices

You get a whole Terabyte (1000 Gig) of online storage

You can set up OneDrive to automatically back up all your phone’s (or tablet’s) photographs – just download the App

Arrange your OneDrive so that it will make sense for the next 4 years  (eg – start with a folder for this year and fill it with your subject areas)

Installing The Office365 Apps – Video Guide

Installing and Using OneDrive – Video Guide

When you install OneDrive, you will never lose your work again…

This is VERY IMPORTANT. Make sure you follow the instructions of the student eLeaders

And get it install straight away. Always save your work to OneDrive – NOT THE DESKTOP….

You should keep it organised from Day One.  Make a 2020 folder, then within that, make folders for each of your subject areas…

Sharing a File – Video Guide