Naming Conventions


Our Class teams are named year to year with the following conventions:

For single classes

YY Unit 3_4/Unit 1_2/Yr 10/Yr 09 <Subject Name> Gp <01/02…> 

Ex: 20 Unit 3_4 Physics Gp 01

For Combined Classes 

(Team taught or when a teacher has 2 of the same classes)

YY Unit 3_4/Unit 1_2/Yr 10/Yr 09 <Subject Name> Gps <01_02…> 

Ex: 20 Unit 1_2 Chemistry Gps 01_03

Staff Teaching Materials Teams

All subjects in the school have a designated “Teaching Materials” Team so that teachers can operate from a common OneNote, design assessments collaboratively, and store other resources.

Staff TM Unit 3_4/Unit 1_2/Yr 10/Yr 09 <Subject Name>

Ex: Staff TM Unit 3_4 Physics

Domain Teams

Domain Teams are for meeting minutes, and curriculum documentation. Also used for coordination of practical work in some faculties (science, food technology, etc.)

Staff Domain of …

Ex: Staff Domain of Science

Clubs and Societies

All clubs and societies operate with a teacher present, however, the running of the Team is likely to be done primarily by students.

NCS – <Name of club or society>

Ex: NCS – Yoga

Year Levels

Primarily for administrative purposes, these Teams are initially named in relation to their graduation year.

Class of YYYY 

Ex: Class of 2023

Once the Team is created, and the OneNote initiated, the Team is then renamed to include the Yr level. This is so the Yr level is not inadvertently stuck to the name of the OneNote for the next few years.

Class of YYYY (Year 12s/11s/10s/09s)

Ex: Class of 2023 (Year 09s)

House Teams

Houses form the basis of our pastoral system. 

House <House Name>

Ex: House Phoenix

Channels within the House system are then established to reflect our tutorial system which is year level based. The letter in the name relates to our house system, the number to the tutorial group.



Performance and Development Teams