Content Management – Other notes

Our Staff Nossal of Nossal HS Team’s Channel structure also forms the basis of our Content Management System.

As permissions within the SharePoint backend of this Teams are very granular, we are able to hide/show, read/write, any content to any user within the Teams Structure. We have elected to provide ‘Ownership’ of the Team to the Principal class and the Director of Digital Development and Innovation. In this way we are able to ensure that holders of positions of responsibility throughout the school are able to access and edit the folder and files that relate to their role. Staff who are involved in different elements of the school’s various position structures are required to turn on ‘notifications’ for the channel mentions that relates to their position of responsibility.

Unfortunately, through use it was apparent that some channels needed variations in their name which unfortunately is not reflected in the folder structure attached to the SharePoint Backend. This has required some reorganisation and consolidation in order for folders to match effectively with their channel links. Don’t change channel names unless absolutely necessary. In fact, copy the associated data, deleted the channel and recreate it to maintain consistency between the two areas.