Year 10 & 11 Enrolment

Application for entry to Years 10 & 11 in 2025 (vacancy waiting list) are now open.

Enrolment positions at Years 10 and 11 are limited as they depend on vacancies arising.


Please see the information listed below, which outlines the enrolment process for future applications: 

Prospective students must register to sit the entrance examination in the year prior to enrolment. After the exam has been held, a waiting list will then be created and eligible students will be invited to attend an interview with the Principal should a vacancy arise.

Students must either be Australian citizens, New Zealand citizens, holders of a PERMANENT Resident’s Visa or holder of a visa or ImmiCard which would exempt them from paying International Student Fees to attend a Victorian government school at the time of this application. Evidence of Australian Citizenship (Birth Certificate or Australian Passport) or holding of a PERMANENT Resident’s Visa is required at the time of the test.

Applications for Nossal High School are open to all current Year 9 & 10 students.

  • The examination is specific to the Selective Entry High Schools only – Melbourne High School, The Mac.Robertson Girls’ High School, Nossal High School and Suzanne Cory High School.  Students must sit this specific examination.  If a student registers for multiple Selective Entry High Schools, the registration first submitted will be allocated as the sitting school and the student will sit the test at this school.  This cannot be changed after the 5th of June. Please note that the venue capacity at any one particular school may mean seating allocations need to be amended.
  • Registration link
  • Results from the examination will be transferred to the Selective Entry High Schools to which the student has submitted an Edutest application.Students must submit individual Edutest applications to each school and comply with the special application conditions, shown on each school’s website.
  • Interstate or overseas applicants please contact:  Remote testing incurs an additional fee. Remote sitting arrangements can take several weeks to finalise. Early contact with Edutest is advised.

If you have any questions or problems please contact

Years 10 & 11 Registration
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