Year 9 Theatre Studies: Suitcase Series

As part of their curriculum, students will be participating in the Suitcase Series. This program provides students with the opportunity to work collaboratively to create a 20-minute play to perform in front of students from other schools. They will also get to watch the play ‘Atlantis’ presented by the Malthouse Theatre.

The cost of this event is $35.00, including the opportunity to perform and to be part of the audience for the official production, Atlantis.

Students will need to meet Ms Guruparan at the venue (113 Sturt Street, Southbank). An option is for them to take public transport from Berwick to Flinders Street, then take the No. 1 South Melbourne Tram to Stop 18. This will leave them at the doors of the Malthouse Theatre.

If students are running late/if there are any issues, please contact Ms Guruparan.
Students will need to have a valid Myki card. They will also need to bring a snack, their lunch and a water bottle.

Students will also be required to bring their costumes with them.

Transport: Students are to make their own way to the Malthouse Theatre. It is recommended they take the train to Flinders Street Station and then the No. 1 Tram to Stop 18 which will leave them in front of the Malthouse Theatre.

Dress Code: NHS Sport Uniform