Year 9 English Theatre Excursion

This event supports our students to understand the form and convention of studying texts- specifically plays- for their current and future English studies. Year 9 students will be completing several tasks across term one in response to the play. The cost for this event is covered by their school English fees.
Students will meet opposite the Princess Theatre at Parliament Gardens at 11am, inside the Nicholson St Gates for class roll marking with their teacher. Once this is complete, they will have time for lunch. They are encouraged to bring water and food or money to purchase these. Only small bags will be allowed inside the theatre, these are to be placed under their seats during the performance.

If there is an issue on the day, students are to contact their class teacher via Teams or Ms Webster.

Dress Code: Full academic uniform, including blazer.

Transport: Independent travel via public transport using a valid Myki. They are meeting their English Teacher at 11am at Parliament Gardens. PLEASE NOTE: this event concludes at 5:30pm as students are attending a Q&A with the cast after the performance. Following this, students will be dismissed from the theatre and will make their own way home.