Year 9 Dance Excursion 2021- Frozen the Musical

As part of choosing the Dance elective the students will get to attend a Dance performance to analyse and appreciate a professional Dance production. The performance this year is Frozen the Musical at Her Majesty’s Theatre in Melbourne.

Students will meet with Ms Pumphrey and Ms Ball at Her Majesty’s Theatre

219 Exhibition Street
Melbourne Victoria 3000

by 6:30pm SHARP, in order to allocate tickets and be seated by 6:50pm for a 7pm start. The musical should finish by 9:30pm. The staff members will wait for students to either be picked up by parents at the Theatre or allow them to catch public transport home (preferably in groups, closest to Parliament Station).

Parents will need to communicate their preferred departure for the students to Ms Pumphrey by email or a signed note 24 hours before the event. If students are going to be late or are unwell and unable to make the performance they should immediately contact Ms Pumphrey.

Dress Code:

Neat casual attire, suitable for the Theatre.


Driven by parents or public transport.
If travelling by public transport, students should have a MYKI with sufficient credit to cover their journeys.
Students are also encouraged to keep their phone on them for regular contact if they are running late.