Year 11 Business Management – Market Research

As part of our studies on Marketing (Unit 2 AOS 2), students will undertake market research for their upcoming Market Day Stalls. Students will draft a survey and then interview vendors and consumers at Fountain Gate Shopping Centre. Students will be given class time to analyse the data and make business decisions in relation to their Stalls. This activity will form part of their Unit 2 AOS 2 Assessment.

Students will need to meet at Fountain Gate Shopping Centre (Village Cinemas Entrance) no later that 9.00am. Students will work with their groups in undertaking their market research. Students also can purchase lunch and have a lunch break. At 12.30pm, students will meet back at designated post at Fountain Gate and travel back to Nossal High School for their Period 5 class. Students will be dismissed normal time (3.20pm) at Nossal High School.

Dress Code:

Full School Uniform


Students will need to make their own travel arrangements to Fountain Gate Shopping Centre. Students will need a Myki in order to return to school for Period 5 class.