Year 10, 11, 12 Theatre Studies: Miss Peony

Students will be seeing the play “Miss Peony” at the Melbourne Arts Centre’s Fairfax Studio. Students will be viewing the play, which will then lead into a performance analysis task. Students will be paying specific attention to the ways in which an actor portrays their character, as well as the ways in which the other areas of production (lighting, sound, etc) serve to tell the story.

Students will need to have a valid Myki card and will need to meet outside the theatre at 12 pm, please bring a small bag for your belongings as large bags will not be accepted into the theatre.

Students will need to either bring their own lunch and water, or money to purchase them.

Students will also need to bring a pen.

If they need any additional assistance on the day because they are running late they need to contact John Ninis.

Following the conclusion of the production at approximately 4:30pm, students will be dismissed from the theatre and are to make their own way home from that point.