Unit 4 Biology – University of Melbourne Genetics Workshop

Whilst on this excursion, students will use the facilities of the University of Melbourne first-year Genetics Workshop. They will conduct research into the inheritance of characteristics in fruit fly and learn how electrophoresis can be used to estimate gene frequency. This content is relevant to both Units of Unit 3&4 Biology.

Students need to bring a pen and something to write on. They should not bring their laptops. Long hair will need to be tied back. Students need to bring their own lunch and snacks or sufficient funds to purchase these from the University outlets.

Dress Code: Full School Uniform

Transport: Students will make their own way to and from the excursion. Students will meet Mr LaBrooy, Mrs Ball and Mrs Latham at 9:30am at the Kenneth Meyer building, University of Melbourne. A map has been provided. To get there, take a train to Melbourne Central station then catch the Number 19 Tram (North Coburg) north up Elizabeth Street and get off at the University of Melbourne/Royal Parade stop (stop 11). Students will be dismissed from the University to make their own way home. Students should contact their teacher if they are late, have difficulties with transport, or are unwell and can’t attend on the day.