Unit 3 Theatre Studies Performance

Tickets available at : https://www.trybooking.com/BQUXI

Students in Unit 3 Theatre Studies will be undertaking their group performance SAC this day and will be required to run a technical rehearsal and dress rehearsal for their final performance on Wednesday 19th of May.
Students in Unit 1 Theatre Studies will also be required to assist with the show and a chance for them to learn how the school’s theatre works to apply their knowledge and skills that they have learnt so far.

Students can choose to go home between the end of the school day and the call time for the performance. However, if they choose to stay at school, they will not be directly supervised and if they choose to go to McDonalds or leave the school grounds for dinner, they will not be supervised.

Students will be required to return to school by 6pm for a 7pm show.

Dress Code:

Students will be in costume and when not in costume, students can wear their sport uniform. Students assisting with technical aspects of the show will be in sports uniform.