Unit 1&2 Biology excursion to Melbourne Zoo

Students will investigate ecosystems and endangered species. Melbourne Zoo has an excellent program that focuses on conserving endangered Australian species. This content relates directly to various aspects of both Unit One and Unit Two Biology.

Students will make their own way to and from the zoo. Students need to meet their teachers outside the Royal Park Station entrance to the zoo by 9.45AM. Students will be dismissed from the zoo at 2.30PM.

Students will need to bring a pen and the notes provided prior to the excursion. Students will also need to bring their own lunch or money to purchase food from one of the kiosks available. Students will be permitted to bring a small, dark-coloured backpack rather than their larger schoolbag.
Water bottles and sunscreen are highly recommended.
The use of mobile phones is permitted on this excursion.

In case of wet weather, students should bring an umbrella and/or their school spray jacket.
If a student is running late or will be unable to attend on the day, they should call Mrs Latham, Mr LaBrooy or Mr Monaco.