Unit 1/2 PE Aquatic Experiences – Water Safety Certificate

These excursions are only offered to students completing Unit 1 and 2 Physical Education and will expose students first-hand to multiple learning concepts and applications. In class students will have studied key concepts such as participation rates in physical activity, sociocultural influences that may act as enablers or barriers to engaging in physical activity and leading to a focus on physical activity promotion strategies. Students will be provided with an opportunity to engage in different aquatic activities including professional instruction on how to swim safely in a variety of aquatic situations, surf lessons, wakeboarding and aqua fun. These aquatic experiences enable students to understand and experience a breadth of activities, whilst also supporting them in reflecting on the role the environment may play in encouraging individuals to be physically active and how some activities such as surfing may improve ‘connections’ in some communities, and positively impact their fitness and health.
In this excursion, students will complete their Victorian Water Safety Certificate at Splashes swim school, Berwick. The session will include the following:

Swimming Revision (30 minutes)
– streamlining, sculling
– stroke technique, freestyle and survival strokes

Activity rotations
– deep water recovery and treading water
– reach and throw rescues
– survival sequenc in clothing
– 50m continuous swim
– lifesaver relays

Students will be assessed against a water-based competencies to achieve their certificate. They will also undertake additional theory components (DRSABCD, water safety) in class.

Students must wear Nossal PE uniform to and from the venue, and should also bring bathers and clothes that can be worn in the water during their session.

Parents must indicate students’ swimming ability (beginner, intermediate, advanced) when providing consent, beginner swimmers will undertake a modified program in shallow water.