Top Class: Theatre Studies

Students in Unit 3 and Unit 1 Theatre Studies will view the top performances of the Theatre Studies Monologue Exam 2021 for student to gain a better grasp on what is required for the exam. In addition, students will deconstruct these performances in classes to help guide their own process in approaching this exam task.

Students will be going to the Arts Centre Melbourne and The Melbourne Museum. The Arts Centre will be the live performances and the museum will have the top class students who presented a design for their Monologue Exam. Students should bring a water bottle, writing implements and snacks. We will be travelling through the city where students can buy lunch if they wish.

Dress Code:

Full Academic Uniform


Students are to meet Mr Woon outside the Arts Centre Melbourne by 9:30 AM. Students will also need a valid MYKI to travel from the Arts Centre to the Museum after the performance.