Team Sport Excursion

Team Sports students have the opportunity to participate in different individual and team related activities in a community context to encourage their ongoing participation in physical activity.

Students will be attending Caribbean Rollerama from 10:00am – 11.30am and can try either rollerskating or rollerblading. Following this students will be bussed to Rush HQ and will participate in a trampolining session from 12.00pm – 2.00pm.
Students will be required to wear the complete Nossal Sports Uniform including tracksuit pants / shorts, NHS T-shirt and rugby jumper/jacket to attend the excursion. Students should bring a water bottle and lunch / snacks. Food may be available for purchase at each venue (although strict departure times from each venue will be adhered to).
Rollerskating / rollerblading and trampolining do have some risks. Students should return the waiver form, signed by parents to participate in the activities at Rush HQ on the day. Students should collect a form from Mr Christiansen or Mr Haverfield prior to the excursion.
For information or enquiries please contact Mr Cameron Christiansen.