Start of 2024 School Year for Year 12 and New Students

The formal start of the school year for all new students and Year 12 students is Tuesday 30 January. Tuesday 30 January will begin with our Foundation Assembly, where all new students and staff are welcomed into the Nossal Community and presented with their Nossal ‘butterfly’ badge. During this assembly, Year 12 students will be presented with their Year 12 badge.  

 If your student is expected to be absent on this day, please ensure that this absence has been entered onto Compass and, if possible, an email sent to the attendance officer at to provide relevant details including their expected return date. 

This message contains important information about the day. Please read it carefully and familiarise yourself with the arrangements.

Information for Year 9 and new Years 10 and 11 students:  
Year 9 students and all new Years 10 & 11 students are to assemble in the areas designated below, which are arranged by house. In this area you will be paired up with your Year 12 ‘buddies’ and be briefed, prior to moving into the gymnasium for the assembly.   

Students in: 

  • Garuda and Griffin are to meet in The Meath Auditorium (Theatre);  
  • Pegasus students are to meet in MU1 (Music room in Building B);  
  • Phoenix students are to assemble in the courtyard outside Building B, however, if it is raining on Tuesday morning, Phoenix will assemble on the ground floor of Building A (near the canteen)    

If you are bringing a bag to school on the day, this should be left in the large House areas of Building A, before assembling in the areas listed above.  If you are uncertain about where your House area is, staff will be available along with older students to direct you.   

Information for Year 12 students:
On arrival at school, all Year 12 students are to place and leave their bags in their Tutorial Rooms.  Please check the lists that will be displayed on the Canteen and IRC windows as some Tutorial Rooms may have changed from last year.  Do not put your belongings in a locker, just leave them in the allocated room.  You are then to assemble in your House area as outlined above where you will be given instructions about the assembly program and meet our new students. 
All students are requested to be at school by 8.30am to meet their “buddies” and to be arranged according to the seating order within Tutorial groups.  A list of “buddies” and the seating order for students in their Tutorial groups will also be displayed around the courtyard on Tuesday morning.  
The Foundation Assembly is a very formal occasion with several important invited guests. It is vital that all students sit quietly and listen respectfully to all presentations during the program. When directed, each Tutorial group will assemble along the side of the audience area in the gym ready for presentation. Students will be introduced in groups of 2 or 3.  You will be asked to hold your applause until the end of each Tutorial group. 
Please note: This is an official school occasion and therefore full Nossal Academic summer uniform is to be worn. Badges are to be worn on the left lapel of your blazer. 
We aim to be as efficient as possible with the assembly in order to finish by 10.30am, so please listen to instructions and respond promptly and appropriately. 
Information for parents: 

  • Students will be provided with morning tea and lunch on Tuesday. 
  • Year 9 students will be dismissed at 2.00pm. 
  • New Years 10 & 11 students will be dismissed at the end of recess (11.20am).  
  • The iWeek program begins for Year 9 students on Wednesday 31 January and includes an excursion on Monday 5 February - please ensure you have confirmed consent for your student to attend this excursion on Compass. this is yet to be confirmed 
  • Normal classes begin for all year levels, including Year 12 students, on Wednesday 31 January.  

As a community, when we gather at large events, we continue to practice COVIDSafe guidelines. Masks and hand sanitiser will be made available to students and guests. Students and guests will be encouraged to make use of these. 

Parents are welcome to attend the Foundation Assembly, however there will be limited seating. We ask that parents support the arrangements outlined above.