The SENs Leadership Summit is a day for all SRC Executive and Cabinet members to convene, begin planning for events in 2022 and also discuss relevant issues/topics within school and the broader society. The aim of this Leadership Summit is for SRC Executive and Cabinet members to put faces to names, and act as an impetus for initiating planning and conversation between the leaders.

This meeting will be held at Melbourne High School: Forrest Hill, South Yarra. It will be in the Hockey Pavillion.


Dress Code:

Students will be required to be in full Academic uniform.

Students are asked to attend their Tutorial groups in the morning.

Students will leave from Nossal High School together at 9:30am on the train from Berwick Station to South Yarra. They will be required to have a functioning MYKI card to travel on public transport.

Students are required to bring their own devices, lunch, water and their own snacks.