Nossal PFA Bunnings BBQ Fundraiser

The Bunnings BBQ scheduled for 10 September. This is an annual PFA fund raising event and all the money we make on the day will be donated to school.

Visit Bunnings in Fountain Gate on Sunday 10th September to support the Nossal High School PFA Fundraiser Event and pick up a sausage or three for lunch!

You can also donate or volunteer on the day.

We, from the committee are looking for all your support, there are many ways you can help us. We need Parents to come and help on the day, each slot is 2 hours there are many roles, please fill in if you are able to.


  1. Fundraiser Captain: Required for the full day and training session prior to BBQ. Organises and ensures we are working within the Bunnings safety rules for the day.
  2. Greeters: Required between 2PM and 5PM, takes the order and process the payments (cash and electronic). Collects any drinks purchased for the customers.
  3. Servers: Required in time slots of 8AM – 10AM, 12PM – 2 PM and 2 PM to 4 or 5PM. Collects the orders and places then in the holders at the Collect table. Apply sauces, etc.
  4. BBQers X 2: Required in time slots of 8AM – 10AM, 12PM – 2 PM and 2 PM to 4 or 5PM. Cooks Sausages and onions and keeps them warm.

Donations can be either cash or items we need on the day, see the sheet for list and update. Historically we make 2.5 to 3.5 grand every year.

Note: The BBQ event needs promotion, so please share and try and engage other parents in NHS, your friends and family outside for  donations.

Please mark you interest in participating, helping out or donating in here:

Make a donation for supplies for the BBQ at