Motor Sport Club – Moto Grand Prix Excursion

Students have the chance to attend the Australian Moto Grand Prix to participate in an educational program and tour the facilities and witness the testing and preliminary racing.
Students will have the opportunity to engage with the “Learn Trackside” Program. Set against the backdrop of the world’s most exciting race on two wheels, students will be inspired to pursue their interests in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) and learn the diverse pathways that these subjects offer. The program is set to impress with a range of innovative workshops, cultural experiences, and interactive Fan Forum talks on offer. The program is designed to teach students that there are diverse opportunities in the motorsport industry, and that there is much more to MotoGP™ than just being a rider!

Students are asked to be at school by 8.45am to leave by minibus for Phillip Island. The return time will be confirmed when more details are available but will be no later than 6.30pm (TBC)

Students will need to bring their own lunch/snacks/water or bring money to purchase lunch/snacks/drinks at the venue. Students may also wish to bring additional money to purchase souvenirs at the circuit.

Students should check the weather conditions the night prior and pack appropriately (ie jacket if rain is forecast)