Graeme Clark Oration

The Graeme Clark Oration Schools Program is dedicated to engaging with Victorian secondary school science students and teachers to promote STEMM as an education and career choice.

The Program is a unique opportunity for schools to participate and celebrate advances in biomedical science and hear from distinguished leaders in science from around the world.

Students will attend the Biomedical Innovations Showcase from 4PM until 5.5PM and then the Graeme Clark Oration from 6PM until 7.30PM.
If a student is running late or will be absent, they should contact Mrs Latham.

Dress Code:

Full School Uniform


Students will make their own way to and from the venue. Students must meet Mrs Latham at the Convention Centre by 3.45PM. A map will be provided. Please note that the venue is in the city and the conclusion time is 7.30PM.