Duke Of Edinburgh – Practice Journey

The aim is to provide students with the opportunity to learn more about the wider environment, as well as to develop their self-confidence, team work and health. Students are taken out of their comfort zone- in an unfamiliar environment but kept within a safe and secure setting, achieved through suitable training and supervision.

Students will also be required to attend some meetings before this event in order to gain some skills and information, such as route planning, food choices, equipment lists etc. There is no equipment available through school and students should source suitable footwear for hiking, a large back pack to carry bedding and supplies.

Dress Code:

Clothing appropriate to hiking and camping, weather will likely be cold and wet. Waterproofs are a must, strong footwear, warm clothing to sleep in and comfy clothing to walk in.


Students will need to get themselves to the start point on time and will need to be picked up from the end point in a timely manner.