Digital Delivery Events 2021 (Years 9-11)

Our Nossal Digital Delivery Days are special events in the calendar of Nossal High School. On these occasions, students are asked to remain at home (or at another suitable internet-enabled location) and complete their classes online. The Digital Delivery Events for 2021 will occur on: 26th May (Whole school – synchronous, periods 1-4) 9th Jun (Years 9 & 10 only – asynchronous, periods 1-4), 25th August (Whole school – synchronous, periods 2-4) and the 1st November (Years 9, 10 & 11 – asynchronous).

In providing consent for this event, please note that this includes consent for all Digital Delivery Events during 2021 as listed.

In addition to our scheduled Digital Delivery Events, occasionally the school may be required to initiate a Digital Delivery Event in order to accommodate an unscheduled interruption to normal classroom operations. If such events occur, students and parents will be kept informed through normal school communication channels.

All students will receive a formal notification which will fully describe the event and student expectations. If your child is required to come into the school on Digital Delivery Day, please inform the school administration front office.