Bacterial Transformations at Casey Tech

Students will be travelling to Casey Tech School for a 3 hour workshop on Bacterial Transformations. This aligns with Unit 4 Area of Study 2 Outcome 2. Students will use restriction enzyme digests and gel electrophoresis to determine if the gene for Green Fluorescent Protein (GFP) has been successfully inserted into a plasmid. E.coli cells will then be transformed with the recombinant GFP plasmid. This is a half day program and students are expected to attend school the other half of the day.

Students will need to bring their own food for this excursion. There is no opportunity to purchase food onsite. In the event of lateness students should contact Mrs Latham.

Dress Code:

Full School Uniform


Students should meet outside the entrance to Casey Tech School at 9am for 9.05am roll marking. At the end of the session, students will return to Nossal to complete the remainder of their classes.