Dandenong Magistrates’ Court Exc

This excursion provides the opportunity for the students to witness first hand the operation of the Magistrates’ court.
Students will meet their teacher outside the Dandenong Magistrates’ court at 9.45am. The court begins its day approximately at 10am, and students will be able to access a range of court rooms in the court complex. Students have been briefed on the expected behaviour whilst in the courts and will have the support of their teacher throughout the excursion. Students will be escorted by their teacher to Dandenong plaza for lunch and a debrief on the days experience. Students will need to bring money for lunch or they can bring their lunch with them. Students will be dismissed at 2.30pm. They can make their way home from Dandenong. If for any reason students are running late they must text Ms Loel.

Dress Code: Full academic uniform.
Transport: Students will make their own way to the Dandenong Magistrates’ court. Students need to make sure that they have a valid MYKI card for the use of public transport. The court complex is a short walk from Dandenong station is a 7-minute walk away.