2022 Unit 1 & 2 Physical Education Surf Camp

This camp is only offered to students completing Unit 1 and 2 Physical Education. In class we will have been studying key concepts such as sociocultural influences on physical activity (enablers and barriers), physical activity promotion strategies and other topics from a health science perspective. This experience will expose students first hand to multiple key learning concepts and applications. Students will also be coached on how to surf, and experience and observe various coaching styles which will be present in the Unit 3 and 4 study design for this subject. It is also a great way to reflect on the role the environment plays in physical activity levels and how some initiatives are using surfing to improve ‘connections’ in some communities, as well as enjoying time bonding as a class.

The cost of this camp includes:

Bus transport to Phillip Island and to surf lessons
3 x 2 hour surf lessons (including qualified instructors, long wetsuits, rubber surfboards)

Cabin accommodation at the ‘Big 4’ Newhaven Caravan Park
Most food (students will need to bring lunch for the first day and purchase an evening meal on the Wednesday).

Dress Code:

Students will be provided with a packing list for all clothes and equipment.



CSEF/Credit Balance:

No, CSEF funds or Credit balance cannot be used to pay for this event
Students will travel to the camp by bus.


They are to arrive at school by 8am on Wednesday 2nd March. Should they be running late, they should contact Ms Vanstan. Students are due to be dismissed from Nossal by 3pm on Friday 4th March.