All previous staff and students are eligible to become members of the Old Nossalonians!

Graduates and staff from an educational institution are the Alumni. In 2013 our first cohort of Year 12s graduated so we developed a name and badge to recognise our Alumni through consultation with the students and school council. In naming the Alumni and designing their badge, students considered a design that will appeal to the graduates of Nossal High School in 10, 50, 100 and 200 years time. We are proud of their design and chosen name – Old Nossalonians!

Being a member of the Nossal High School Alumni will open doors for our graduates; our school is held in high regard and the students carry with them some privilege through their association. Many of our graduates will go on to become leaders in their field and we will have much to learn from their life experience. Being part of an active and vibrant Alumni, allows the school to reap the benefits of their success and learn from it, and allows the students to maintain and develop influential networks amongst their peers and the future graduates of Nossal High School.

Alumni Membership is something that you pay a nominal fee to be a part of. The payment includes:

  • A membership badge
  • Subsidises the first Alumni function in the year after graduation from Nossal High School
  • Discounts for future events
  • Networking opportunities
  • Administration costs of running an Alumni maintaining data bases, newsletter construction and organising events

What does the Alumni do?

Students will remain connected to the school and to each other throughout their lives, and they provide service and support to the school and its community. They can do this by:

A. Staying connected to fellow students

  • Organising and attending Alumni social functions, such as camps, cocktail parties, balls, trivia nights and barbeques
  • Organising ‘get-togethers’ at university
  • Forming sporting teams, drama clubs, musical groups, book clubs
  • Organising and attending reunions

B. Staying connected and providing service to the school

  • Receiving and reading school newsletters
  • Offering mentorship and experience to current students through advice on university life, choosing courses, careers, work experience opportunities and through sharing other life experiences
  • Supporting the school with financial contributions to further enrich the learning environment and school programs
  • Attending significant events like Speech Night, Music Concerts, School Performances and other school celebrations
  • Many other possibilities


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