Unit 1&2 Biology Field Trip to the Botanic Gardens Cranbourne

Part of Unit 1 Biology involves the study of ecosystems. A requirement of the syllabus is to complete a fieldwork report. Students will complete an ecosystem study at the Royal Botanic Gardens in Cranbourne. They will then complete and submit a fieldwork report.

Students will wear P.E. uniform. They are expected to bring a hat, sunscreen, a drink bottle and their own lunch and snacks. The cafe/restaurant is currently closed due to COVID restrictions. Transport to and from the gardens will be by buses provided. This will be a whole-day excursion. Students should come prepared for wet weather if necessary. School spray jackets are permitted. A small, dark coloured backpack is recommended. Students will also be using their mobile phones on the day to take photographs.

Dress Code:

Sport Uniform


Buses provided. Simcocks Bus Services. 3 buses. Pick up students at 8.55 AM and return them to school by 3.05 PM