Unit 1&2 Biology Field Trip to Phillip Island

Outcome One, Unit One Biology requires that students complete fieldwork. As such, all Unit 1&2 Biology students will spend a day at Phillip Island conducting a Bushland Quadrats study and enhancing their understanding of thermoregulation and osmoregulation.

Students will need to bring their own lunch and a water bottle. It may not be possible for students to purchase food or drinks during the day.They will also need to make sure they bring their spray jacket and/or an umbrella in case of rain. Sunscreen and a hat are highly recommended. Students are permitted to bring their mobile phones on this excursion and will need to take photographs as part of their records for their fieldwork reports.

Staff contact phone numbers for this excursion are: Mrs Latham, Mr LaBrooy, Mrs Ball and Mr Monaco.

Dress Code:

Sport Uniform


Students will travel to and from Phillip Island by bus. They will depart Nossal High School at 8.45AM, returning by 3.15PM.