Speech Night 2019

This is a compulsory event for all 2019 students from Years 9 to 12.

Speech Night is a major activity on our school’s calendar and celebrates both the achievements of individuals as well as the talents and abilities of groups within our school community over the past year.  All students are expected to attend this official event. This is important information to ensure the smooth and efficient operation of the day.

  • Students receiving an award are required to attend a rehearsal of the ceremony at the Melbourne Town Hall to ensure they know and understand how the program will run.
  • The rehearsal will take place between 1:00pm and 2:00pm but they need to be at the Town Hall at 12:45pm for a roll check.
  • Students must wear their full academic uniform, and because of the nature of this program, that includes blazers and ties, not Year 12 jackets. (Boys, are requested to have their shirts tucked in for the program.)
  • Students will been told to not bring school bags to the Town Hall as there is nowhere for them to be stored during the day or evening. If they need to have a bag to contain a purse or wallet, it should be a small one.
  • When students arrive at the Town Hall, they are to enter via the doors on Collins Street and move straight into the hall. Attendance rolls will be marked.
  • At 2:00pm, the award rehearsal students will be dismissed from the venue and be free to move out into the city.
  • They are confined to an area bounded by LaTrobe Street in the north and Federation Square in the south; Elizabeth Street in the west and Russell Street in the east.       (See shaded area on the following map)
  • Students have been instructed they must stay in groups of two or more.
  • Teachers will be available should students need them in the Food Court at Melbourne Central, in the Bourke Street Mall outside Myer, in Federation Square.
  • For Year 9 students and members of the orchestra, there will be a special rehearsal on stage, commencing at 3:00pm and concluding at 4:30pm. These students need to be in the Melbourne Town Hall for a roll check at 2:45pm.
  • All students need to arrive back at the Melbourne Town Hall at 5:45pm for the evening program. Once again, attendance rolls will be marked in House areas.  Students will have an assigned seat, and this will be displayed on notice boards.
  • The evening’s program is scheduled to commence at 7:00pm with the intention to finish at 9:30pm. Parents should arrange to be in the vicinity to collect students who will be dismissed through the Swanston Street entrance.  Please arrive promptly.  Vehicle access is only available in Collins Street.
  • Students travelling by public transport should be travelling with friends in small groups.

We are looking forward to you joining us.