Morrisby Career Aptitude Test – Garuda

All year 9 students will complete the Morrisby Career Aptitude Test to give them information about possible future study and career options. This is part of the Victorian Government Education State reforms and is a compulsary activity for all year 9 students in the state.

The Department of Education and Training is supporting all secondary schools to provide comprehensive career education including a career advisory service for Year 9 students.

The service is designed to help students make better choices about subject selection, vocational education and training, senior secondary school certificates and further study. All year 9 students in Government Schools will have access to:
An online personal career discovery tool that identifies potential suitable careers in a report
follow-up one-on-one career counselling to progress their choice to reality.

The service uses a personal online career discovery tool (Morrisby Online) which provides objective and relevant information about the student and the opportunities available. Once the assessment has been completed the student will be provided with a report and a 1:1 career counselling session. This will be conducted by a qualified career practitioner during school hours on school premises, with parents encouraged to attend. Parents will be invited to attend the interview once the schedule is developed. Discussions will include short-term specific subject choices as well as training, higher education and employment pathways and will inform the career action plan the student completes at school.

Important information to note in relation to information privacy:
The Career Education Advisory of Victoria and Career Analysts (on behalf of Morrisby) are collecting information for the purposes of delivering and managing the Career Advisory Service for Year 9 Students in Victorian Government Schools.
Individual students will be able to access their stored information via their Morrisby login once they have established their profile (
Information collected will only be disclosed to the assigned CEAV Careers Consultant and authorised school staff in line with the requirements of the Career Advisory Service.
If individuals do not provide their information, the online personal career discovery tool profile will not be able to be created. If some information is withheld, the results and service may not be as useful to the student as it otherwise may be.

The online assessment will take place on Tuesday 10th March during periods 3 & 4. Interviews will take place in Term 2.