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Students who are in their second year of high schooling or its equivalent (usually Year 8) are eligible to apply for entry into Nossal High School. Academic merit is determined by each student’s performance on a series of tests that form the entry examination.

The examination process consists of five tests that are outlined here.

The Selective Entry School Examination takes place in the Royal Exhibition Buildings in Melbourne on Saturday June 15, 2019. An information package will be sent via email to all applicants in the week before the entrance examination. Student identification numbers, transport and venue information along with helpful tips for taking the entrance examination will be included.

Applicants will receive advice about exam centres early in June and applicants will be informed of the outcomes in August each year.
The website contains detailed information about the selection process and a sample exam, as well as links to the individual selective schools websites.

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Victorian Select Entry Secondary Schools and to apply to sit the entrance exam visit
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