Casey Tech School – VCE Systems Engineering

Students will examine what is involved in a design folio and examine potential resources that they could use. What does a design folio look like? What is required to be in the folio and what format should it be displayed in?

Developing the mindset of developing a technology to solve a problem, what kind of technologies might be useful for a project? What kind of free CAD software could be used for circuit development and 3D modelling? What kind of manufacturing equipment could be used (3D printers and laser cutters)? How can Casey Tech School can assist?

As well as examining folio requirements and potential resources, students will develop hands-on skills in Arduino, Fusion 360 CAD and circuit board development.

While this one-day program is aimed at students embarking on Systems Engineering Units 3&4, it could be also be useful for Year 11 students for their Units 1 & 2 SAT projects.

Dress Code:

Full academic uniform


Assemble in courtyard at the start of the school after tutorial and then walk to Casey Tech School as a group along with the teacher in charge. Students who are going to be absent, late or are in need of assistance should contact the school on 8762 4600.